Paneko Company produces all assortments of furniture, complete interiors including project design and manufacturing. There are many possibilities of material choice: laminate, veneer, and solid wood, and finishing by customers requirements. Any combination with noble metals (stainless, brass, chrome) or glass is also in our supply chain. Colour matching is possible with veneer and solid wood.
 The furniture is delivered with polyurethane surface coatings for high abrasion resistance and can be finished in any scale from deep matt to high gloss. Part of the project completion is the precise installation according to the customers planned documentation.
 Delivery and complete installation is done to satisfaction.
 We are ready to propose, in detail, a wide range of designs and samples in order to create many possibilities to choose from for clients to realize their ideas.
 Terms of delivery are from 2 to 12 weeks following a signed contract. Ultimately this depends on the client’s needs and demands, manufacturing requirements, and current capacity of our workshop.
 The final price of a job is determined by the particular type and variety of accessories chosen by the customer and requirements of quality and materials used.

Further offerings:
- Windows: eurowindows, showcases, winter gardens
- Doors: entrance, interiors, sliding and arc doors
- Flooring: solid wood, laminate, floating floor
- Crossbars
- Facings: walls, ceilings, columns
- Flights of stairs: independent, glued to concrete, metal constructions
- Turning railing, etc.

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